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Welcome to Youth Soccer Evolution! At YouthSoccerEvolution.com we are a group of coaches, players, parents, and administrators coming together to improve the American Youth Soccer Player Development Model. This movement will be known as the Evolution of Youth Soccer. The reason for the required Evolution is that we have continued to lag behind European and Latin American countries in soccer player development.

One of the major problems with soccer player development in the US is that there are too many clubs that emphasize a “Win First” mentality and there is little that anyone can do about it. I am not blaming the clubs since many of them would cease to exist if they couldn’t recruit players, and the only way to recruit is by winning! Since winning is so effectively used for recruiting, it’s difficult to blame these clubs. Many parents don’t understand soccer or player development and they rely on the easy metric of win/loss records.

At Youth Soccer Evolution, we want to engage, educate, and empower parents, players, coaches, and administrators who are trying to do the right thing and focus on Player Development, instead of win/loss records. It won’t be an easy task, but it’s something that can be done! But we need to unite and build a strong community that creates and large movement. US Soccer Federation has struggled to develop players for too many years and our kids are the ones that continue to lose.

We will update the site with questions and topics that are relevant to youth soccer player development.

I will use my experience in playing, education, coaching, as well as training other coaches to do the same. I’ve met so many smart and interesting coaches over the years and I’ve gained so much insight from playing, talking, and coaching with them. Thank you to all of my soccer friends who have continued push me to learn more about the game I love.

Our goal is to inspire other parents, coaches, and players to take a different approach to youth soccer development.

I hope you enjoy the posts and would love your feedback or additional questions or topics to discuss at


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