YSE 21: Why soccer is an Art and players are Artists, with author, coach, teacher, Stan Baker Part 2,


This is part 2 of the interview with Stan Baker, author of “Our Competition is the World” and winner of the 2011 US Youth National Coach of The Year. If you have not listened to Part 1, please go back and listen by clicking here. 

In part two Stan continues his discussion on player development and discusses why soccer is an art and players are artists.

Stan discussed how Elementary kids at his school have started their own soccer league!! Amazing what kids can do when you get out of their way. He was not kidding when he said they have a great soccer environment.

That same environment is also responsible for producing Rubio Rubin, current FC Utrecth player and US National team member.

Stan also discussed Funino and how it helps kids develop. Learn more about Funino here and visit their website here.


Stan is involved in the in Comcast SportsNet’s inaugural All-Star Coach Program. It is aimed at recognizing the region’s top K-12 public school coaches, and the finalists are in and Stan Baker is one of them. Let’s vote for him!! I can assure you that he definitely deserves it.

From numerous nominations, finalists were selected by a panel of community leaders based on exemplary commitment to the school, student-athletes, parents, and the community; excellence in coaching style and interaction with student-athletes; distinction from other coaches; and, quality of coaching, including respect and inspiration. If you liked the podcast, please thank Stan by voting for him!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE:  http://www.csnnw.com/page/all-star-coach


Do You Want To Learn More About Stan? http://www.csnnw.com/article/all-star-coach-finalist-stan-baker-woodburn-hs

Visit Stan’s website http://www.soccer-artistry.com/

Stan’s Book “Our Competition is the World” Stan discussed in the podcast why he decided to write the book after being inspired by Claudio Reyna speech about player development.  

The book mentioned by Stan during the Podcast, “The Boys From Little Mexico” about the kids in his school.


Horst Wein Books


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