Pop Up Soccer Goals

Pop up soccer goals are some of my favorite soccer goals to use for soccer training. These portable pop up soccer goals are some of the best kids soccer goals ever made. There are several reasons that I will list here and see what you think.

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1. Portability: You can take these portable soccer goals anywhere you want because they are very light and easy to carry. Take a look at how much each of these small pop up goals weigh online or wherever you can find them. The 4 ft. pugg portable soccer goal with carry bag is only about 3 lbs.!! If you carry two portable soccer goals, you will have a total of 6 pounds to carry. This is for the standard 4 ft. portable pop up soccer goal. The 6 ft. Pugg portable soccer goal will weigh a little more, probably about 4 lbs at the most, for a total of about 8 lbs. So if this doesn’t scream portable soccer goals! I am not sure what will! They each come with a carry bag with a zipper. You simply fold the
pop up soccer goals and put each one individually into their bag, zip up, and you are on your way. I promise it won’t take more than 30 seconds to put your portable soccer goal in your bag and get going. These are some crazy soccer goals to say the least.

2. Storage: When you own a pair or single pop up soccer goal, you have the ability to store them almost anywhere. The pop up folding soccer goals are only about 1 inch thick when folded nicely into an oval shape that is about 2 feet long. So your portable soccer goal that measures 4 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep by 2.5 ft height when unfolded, will twist away into a small flat oval which can be easily stored away behind any nook in the home, closet, or even in the trunk of your car. They are truly amazing soccer goals. These amazing soccer goals come with a cool little carrying bag.

3. Usefulness: When you talk about amazing soccer equipment, these Pugg pop up soccer goals come to mind right away because they can be used by young soccer players all the way to professional soccer players. I’ve used the small goals in coaching and training my 2 year old, my daughter’s 10 year old soccer team, and even my High School soccer team. The pop up soccer goals could possibly be the best soccer goals ever made for this very reason. I have seen a few videos of professional soccer coaches using the small portable soccer goals for small sided games. I have also been around collegiate coaches who utilize these foldable soccer nets. We use these same nets for FUNINO as well. This is a great toddler soccer goal that can be used at home and then taken to the park, easy to carry, then fold up and take to your High school soccer training. T

4. Legendary Durabibility: The Pop up soccer goals are some awesome soccer goals that are great to use as a children’s soccer goal because they bend but don’t brake, well most of them, more on that later. As a soccer training net, these portable soccer goals are unbeatable. The Pugg portable pop up soccer nets are simply the finest of their kind. There is a reason why they cost more. If you have never seen the difference up close, you are missing out. The Pugg foldable soccer net is by far the best pop up. I am not sure if they invented the pop up soccer goal, but they are good. The difference in quality is that their collapsable soccer goals are made of metal. These metal pop up soccer goals can bend and take a beating. Some of the competitors can’t because they are made of plastic or fiberglass. So these cheap portable pop up soccer goals will bend, but they will also brake. You don’t have to worry about that with the Pugg football net. I think once you feel the quality, you will agree.

They are safe for kids and adults to use because the small pop up soccer goals can twist and bend without breaking. Kids can fall on them, hit them, and so can adults, but the best youth soccer pop up goal will not break. Pugg goals are probably the best known pop up soccer goals for a few reasons. They are simply the best soccer goals made. If you coach soccer or football, even Futsal!, you will eventually want some of these pop up soccer goals for your team. They are inexpensive and can be set up anywhere in just seconds.

After the pugg soccer pop up goals, there are a few competitors that are close, but can’t beat Pugg pop up Soccer goals. Franklin and Sklz have also come out with a few pop up soccer goals of their own, but have not been able to match the versatility and quality of the Pugg Soccer goal. I have to say that SKLZ have a much better variety of portable soccer goals, and the quality and durability of the SKLZ rival the Pugg Pop-up soccer goal is unmatchable. Don’t get me wrong, I own a couple of SKLZ soccer goals and they are also good quality portable soccer goals, but again, when we discuss the best Pop-Up soccer football goals, it has to be Pugg.

Franklin offers a few kids pop up soccer goals that are a different shape. I had a pair of these franklin collapsable small pop up goals that were squared, but the quaility was not as good as the Pugg, but they did offer a different shape to the portable pop up net.

I don’t own the SKLZ portable pop up soccer net, but I do own a few other different SKLZ portable soccer kids goals and they are pretty nice. SKLZ are always coming out with new stuff. Here are some of the ones that I do own.

This portable goal comes with a bag as well, but I like it because it looks and feels like an actual goal, so when the younger kids are playing soccer, they actually feel like they are playing with a real goal (even though it’s not a pop up soccer goal). It also collapses like you wouldn’t believe into a small little bag. Here are a few more collapsable portable goals for kids from SKLZ you might like, but I don’t own them…yet.

This is the pair of Puggs I own and have had for over 8 years. YES 8 YEARS!!!

I also purchased a few other cheaper versions of the pop up soccer goal, but the quality of the kids soccer goals was not very good. They are cheaper soccer goals for a reason, they don’t last as long. These cheaper goals I would recommend for younger age groups that such as u8, u10, or u12 soccer teams where the portable soccer goals will not take a beating. Maybe one of the kids will fall on them and break it, so make sure the kids are careful. These are made of fiberglass material which can snap. The biggest problem that I have had with the cheap foldable soccer goal is that they break at the corners. Everything else is identical to the Pugg pop up soccer goal. The foldable nets are easy to carry, come in a bag, twist and fold up to collapse, they are easy to store, and can be used with almost any team. Just be aware that the cheaper version of the pop up goal will not withstand the rigors of older soccer age groups, from U12 and up. These are few examples of the children’s soccer goals online.

The price is a little lower, but you sacrifice quality. I would say that if you only plan to coach for a year or two, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a pair of these lower priced pop-up soccer goals. The children will enjoy them just as much, the goals will count just as well, and you can carry and store them away just as well.

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