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Futsal vs Soccer

FutsalLets take a look at the differences between futsal vs soccer because I get this question so much.. If I missed some that you think about, please write them below on the comments and I can keep adding to this article. All the best.
1. The ball, it’s a different size, weight, and bounce. I think everyone knows this already. But you should probably know that the senior size futsal ball is actually LIGHTER than the size 5 soccer ball. Did you know that. I had a parent ask me one time if their child should play goalie because the Futsal ball was “heavier” and could hurt their child. I did some research and found that the futsal ball is actually lighter, go figure. Everyone always assumes that the futsal ball is heavier.

2. What are the numbers in Futsal vs Soccer. 11 v 11 Soccer and 5 v 5 in futsal. Futsal is sometimes referred to as 5-a-side. One goalie and 4 “field” players. Soccer has 1 goalie, 10 field players.

3. Playing with the Keeper in Futsal vs Soccer. Unlimited passes back to the keeper are allowed in soccer, yes I know he can’t pick it up. But in Futsal, you are only allowed ONE pass back to the keeper until you pass the half line. Yes, after the keeper has touched the ball on your half, you cannot play him the ball again, unless you lose it or the defender touches it. According to the FIFA laws of the game, an indirect free kick is awarded if the goalkeeper touches with any part of his body a back pass that has been played back to him before the ball has (1) crossed the
halfway-line or (2) been touched by an opponent.

4. Substitutions in Futsal vs Soccer. Soccer has a limit of 3 substitutions, Futsal has unlimited substitutions, but with a roster limit of 12 futsal players. Although unlimited substitutes is the case in most outdoor soccer leagues throughout the US, FIFA only allows 3 subs for one game. In Futsal, the substitutes are unlimited from youth to FIFA.

5. Throw-ins in Futsal vs Soccer. There are no throw-ins in futsal, you must play the ball back in with your feet once it goes out of bounce. If the ball is played out the end line, the goal “throw” is awarded in Futsal, not a goal kick.

6. Goal Throws in Futsal vs Soccer. There are no “goal kicks” in futsal, however there are “goal clearances” in futsal. The goalie must throw the ball in or drop kick the futsal ball, however the goalie cannot come out of the goalie box with the ball. In soccer the goalie can punt the ball, throw it, or dribble out of the box with the ball. Once a goal kick is awarded in soccer, the goalie can only kick the ball out of the box.

7. Game Clock in Futsal vs Soccer. In Futsal, the clock can be stopped during an injury or for other delays. In soccer, the clock does not stop, it’s a “running clock”, but time could be added at the end of the game. In futsal there is no “stoppage time”. Futsal has a 22 Minute half, while Soccer has 45 minute halves.

8. Timeouts in Futsal vs Soccer. Each team gets one timeout per half in Futsal, but in soccer, there are no timeouts.

9. No shoulder charges allowed in Futsal vs Soccer. Futsal is a game of skill and less about strength and power. Although slide tackles were recently allowed into the Futsal leagues by FIFA, shoulder charges are still discouraged. Obviously in soccer there are slide tackles and shoulder charges.

10. 4 Second Restart Rule in Futsal vs Soccer. There is no actual restart rule in soccer, but in Futsal, you MUST restart within 4 seconds of ball going out of bounds or on a goal throw or risk losing the ball to the other team. This helps with the speed of the game.

11. No Offside rule in Futsal vs Soccer. While soccer has the offside rule to discourage cherry picking, Futsal does not enforce the off side rule due to the small size of the court, I don’t know this for a fact, but I will assume that it’s true. The futsal court is limited in size.

12. Sent off player can be replaced in Futsal vs Soccer. In Futsal, when a player receives a red card, that futsal player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or after the other team has scored. This the complete opposite in Soccer as the player sent off cannot be substituted and the team must play a man down for the rest of the game.

13. Positions if Futsal vs Soccer. Futsal has the Fixo, Pivot, and Ala (2). Soccer teams have the Defenders (4),Midfielders (4-5), Forwards (1, 2, or 3 depending on formations.