YSE5: Kephern Fuller: Taking Dutch Soccer to the East Coast


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In Episode 5 of YSE Podcast Kephern Fuller takes us on his player development journey. His journey, which started as a young kid in the South, and Later played at George Mason University, ultimately landed him in the Netherlands.

What he learned during his career in Europe had a significant impact on his player development philosophy. He returned to the US and established Joga SC. Today hundreds of players at Joga SC are benefiting from Kephern’s knowledge of Dutch and European Soccer development.

jogascsmall_400x400In episode 5, Kephern discusses why kids need to be independent, creative, and develop their own identity. How these factors allowed him to be successful as a player.

Kephern also tells us how player development is different in the US when compared to Europe and specifically the Netherlands. The reason that street soccer is so important.

And finally, why the culture and environment are so crucial in developing young soccer players and what YOU can do today to enhance the development of your young son or daughter.

You can learn more about Kephern and his soccer club, Joga SC, in the link below.


Cambuur Leeuwarden – Dutch soccer club where Kephern had his trials


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