From Street Soccer to IMG Academy to MLS and USA Men’s National Soccer, Santino Quaranta discusses his soccer Journey

What an awesome opportunity to host Santino Quaranta a former USA U17, U20, and Men’s National Team member. Santino did not hold anything back. He really went deep into his journey and shared with us the important things that helped him succeed. Santino Quaranta grew up in the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Those same streets are the foundation that helped build a tenacious soccer player. Santino credits those streets with helping him develop the skills to excel at the next level. He also praises his father and uncle whom he looked up to growing up.

Santino Quaranta shared several stories regarding his player development years. From playing small sided games on the streets of Baltimore until sundown, to playing with some of the nation’s top players at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, FLA. His development continued throughout his career as he played alongside and against some top international players.

One of the things that stuck out most to me was the environment that Santino keeps mentioning. How his mother has stated that he started playing soccer when he could walk, it was part of his Italian roots. Santino was emulating his father and uncle whom also played. Those streets of Baltimore created many elite players, and Santino thinks that it was due to all those games they played on the street. He learned how to play against older kids. Winning didn’t matter there, it was all fun. What they didn’t realize was that all the fun was creating elite talent.

I hope you enjoy this great interview, it’s not everyday we get to learn from National team players.

Links – Santino is a founding member of the Pipeline Soccer Club

Twitter –    @santinoquaranta                  @PipelineSC


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