YSE7: Tom Frambach on sacrificing trophies to improve youth soccer player development in New York City

YSE Tom FrambachTom Frambach, General Manager, from Downtown United Soccer Club (DUSC) in New York City joins the Youth Soccer Evolution Podcast to discuss how his club is sacrificing trophies at the younger age groups in order to maximize youth soccer player development. Why trophies don’t equal player development and what clubs can do about it.

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Tom takes us on his soccer player development journey as a young man in the early 90s, when soccer was beginning to grow into what it is today. He shares how his environment, and the coaches he was exposed to, changed the way he viewed player development.

Tom shares with YSE nation how DUSC does not allow the younger age groups under 12 to play in leagues. They focus on development instead by controlling the environment and allowing for “proper competition”. The key is to educate the parents on the process of training and development and explain why winning does not equal development. Although it may not always be easy, Tom explains that clubs may lose some players, but you have to stick to your Mission and Philosophy.

He also discusses how kids are training outside of formal training hours, and how it helps them manage games. They play without structure and it allows them to get more touches on the ball. We also dive into how smaller players can focus on their qualities and master them, which is something Tom did as a youngster.

The video discussed in the show about the U18 team that won the State Cup can be found on the DUSC website, scroll down and to the left will be Dusk Video Channel, click on “U18 Golden Generation”.

Jean Paul Marin, academy player for Red Bulls, from DUSC

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Photo courtesy of DUSC.net